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Wear Protection Systems

This extends the life cycle of the mechanical equipment whilst also eliminating blowouts in between service intervals hence increasing planned production.

Our team of product specialists and service technicians ensures optimal performance with minimal downtime. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we can work together to provide a solution which will better suit the application. Most of these applications are done in house and our team can also be mobilised to site to carry out any site repairs and or replacement of wear lining products. Our relations with suppliers means that we have stock on demand and can offer a quick turnaround for these systems traditionally with long lead times.

Rubber Lining

Enhance your equipment’s performance and extend its lifespan with United Welding Force’s rubber lining services. Our versatile rubber lining solutions offer exceptional benefits across various applications and industries.

Rubber lining acts as a protective barrier against corrosive substances, ensuring the integrity of storage tanks, pipelines, and reaction vessels. In mining and quarrying, rubber lining provides superior resistance to abrasion, protecting equipment like chutes, hoppers, and conveyors.

Across manufacturing and industrial processes, rubber lining defends autoclaves, agitators, and process vessels against chemicals and abrasion. Municipal water and wastewater infrastructure relies on rubber lining to protect pipes, tanks, and digesters from corrosion and abrasion caused by harsh fluids and wastewater.

With United Welding Force’s capability, you can expect customised rubber lining solutions using high-quality materials and precise application techniques. Our services provide optimal protection, reduce maintenance needs, and minimise downtime. Trust United Welding Force to enhance the durability, reliability, and performance of your equipment.

Ceramic Lining

Alumina ceramics will last approximately three to five times longer than NiHard or equivalent steels in chute lining applications without the worry of corrosion and three times the life of rubber in a pipe spool. United Welding Force can help you select the best wear Plate Systems such as Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tiles and Rubber Backed Ceramic Wear Plates are among the many Wear Resistant Products our company specialises.

Ceramic wear liners are composed of alumina ceramic tiles, which are moulded in a high tensile strength natural rubber matrix and mounted on steel backing plates. All rubber ceramic liners are hot vulcanised using specialised equipment that provides a bond strength that exceeds the tensile strength of the natural rubber matrix. As a result, the ceramics will remain in the rubber matrix, offering consistent wear protection across the entire life of the liner.

Polyurethane Lining

Castable polyurethanes are typically used for their high-performance properties such as abrasion resistance, tear resistance and load bearing capabilities. These extraordinary properties provide cost effective alternatives for many industrial applications, by lessening the downtime in process operations. Having advantages over rubber lining with higher tear resistance and modulus, and steel with weight and corrosion. For longer lasting surface protection than most rubber lining applications. A primary benefit of using polyurethane coatings is the protection it provides the surface itself. When applied, the coating creates what is essentially an impermeable barrier between the elements and the object it’s covering. With its smooth, hard surface, polyurethane seals out rain, dirt, mud, and other natural surface enemies. It allows provides protection from humidity and oxidation, which can cause corrosion.

Wear Plate Lining

United Welding Force is able to source all different types of wear plates for different applications of varying grades of wear plates to suit any need. From heavy impact billets/liners to Chromium Carbide and Tungsten Carbide Wear Plates for your more abrasive needs, we are dedicated to helping you find and locate the correct wear plate to suit your needs in order to protect your commercial plant or equipment. Composite liners of different steels can be made to suit all applications from impact to abrasion and can be easily modified to suit whatever your needs are, ask us how we can provide wear liners, plates or billets to suit and protect your needs.