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Site Works & Shutdown Maintenance

Our crew can work back to back around the clock to ensure that shutdowns are carried out in a safe, efficient and timely manner whilst upholding the highest standards of quality.

United Welding Force provides relief from the challenges of planned shutdowns and maintenance by drawing upon our well-documented success in delivering multifaceted solutions aligned with our clients’ specific demands. The principles of our success are safety, sustainability, and careful adherence to critical timelines, all of which employ a profound influence on future operational efficiency.

Providing a comprehensive range of industrial maintenance and site shutdown services, United Welding Force’s expert team is dedicated to producing a customised maintenance strategy that ensures the secure and efficient continuity of your operations with minimal downtime. Our assistance spans across various areas, from routine maintenance services to significant projects, complete shutdowns, and facility management, all aimed at helping our clients minimise capital expenditures while maximising productivity. Backed by our advanced Welshpool fabrication facilities, our services encompass structural, mechanical, and piping tasks, as well as any other specialised requirements our clients may have.