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United Welding Force

Since 2002, United Welding Force has evolved into a reputable provider of engineering and steel fabrication services, renowned for our quality and reliability. Our service offerings have diversified to include various aspects within our business, including Structural, Mechanical, and Piping scopes (SMP).

Throughout the years, our team has actively engaged in numerous construction projects, delivering essential maintenance services and upgrades to existing operations. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our all-encompassing approach, covering everything from engineering and design, to fabrication and surface treatment. We assist companies in efficiently optimising their resources in a cost-effective and timely manner.

With a strong focus on the future, United Welding Force is dedicated to providing fast and efficient operations to the highest standards, ensuring all our clients’ needs and requirements are met.

Fabrication Facility

Over the past two decades, our company has outgrown its initial two workshops and now operates from a purpose-built fabrication facility in Welshpool. The factory floor area is serviced by several of the latest overhead cranes, capable of simultaneous lifts of heavy assemblies. It is also equipped with specialised machinery for plate cutting, pressing, and machining.

In close proximity to the workshop, we have a loading and unloading yard that facilitates extensive mechanical fit-outs and trial assemblies.

With a growing demand for our highly sought-after services, our business is experiencing rapid expansion. We consistently invest in technology and facility upgrades to support future growth.

Safety & Quality Management

The commitment to Occupational Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (OHSEQ) is an integral part of the ethos of United Welding Force. It emphasises the organisation’s dedication to ensuring a safe working environment, protecting the environment, and delivering high-quality welding services. By upholding OHSEQ standards, United Welding Force not only ensures the well-being of its members but also demonstrates its collective responsibility and commitment to delivering exceptional welding services while minimising environmental impact. This commitment underscores the core values of United Welding Force, uniting its members in a common mission of safety, quality, and environmental responsibility.

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