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Get to know United Welding Force, our history, and core values. We ensure quality, safety, and efficiency in every project thanks to our proficient team and the use of advanced technology. Our products and services consistently meet both customer expectations and regulatory standards with our ISO 9001:2015 certification. United Welding Force are committed to an ongoing process of improvement as we aim to become a comprehensive service provider for all industries.

Steel Fabrication

Our comprehensive services include Structural, Mechanical, and Piping (SMP), addressing both simple installations in various sectors and the high-quality demands of mining and resources. We’re equipped to handle complex tasks such as drafting, heavy lifting, and mechanical assembly while strictly adhering to specifications. In addition, our capabilities extend to precise assessments for the seamless installation of modular SMP components and reverse engineering for any required modifications or replacements.


Discover the wide range of services we provide. Our engineering and drafting teams bring ideas to life with precision and innovation. Laser cutting technology ensures accuracy in all our projects. Count on us for wear protection systems, site work, and dependable shutdown maintenance services to keep your operations running seamlessly.


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Want to join an industry leading team?

Come join our passionate and dynamic team, which looks to change the way things are done and challenge the status quo whilst providing a challenging and rewarding career move.

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